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November 04, 2010

My neighbor and friend down the block, Kim Renner, had her house featured in the October Martha Stewart Living Magazine. How cool is that? I had to check it out

Way to go Renners!

So, whilst perusing, Yr Mst Hmbl & Obdt Svt here noticed all the Thanksgiving and Holiday recipes being featured. So, I occured to me, "Self," I said, "guess it is that time of year to  start with the food and wine pairings for Thanksgiving. Martha seemed a good place to start. So, Let's Talk Turkey:

I'm in Texas, so where better to start than Martha Stewart's Deep Fried Turkey .  The crispy skin and flavorful moist meat just call out for Petite Syrah or a lighter fruity "old fashioned" style California Zinfandel. Be careful here gentle reader, make certain to avoid the "new" style of dense, over ripe, over alcohol Zins that abound. 

Next, of course, Perfect Roast Turkey.  When Martha Stewart says "perfect" you can take that to the bank.  Overnight brining and butter soaked cheese cloth results in Roast turkey fit for, well, Martha. For me, I go for red Burgundy with this. Generally more in the Beaune region of things, but any lighter, more elegant feminine Red Burg works well. Now don't scrimp if you want the Burgundy. Be prepered to spend forty or fifty dollars to do it right.  If you want something similar for $20-30, go with Oregon Pinot Noir.  Their style and climate are the closest thing and a better match than California Pinot Noir.

 Some folks like sweeter for Thanksgiving, so Martha obliges with Maple Roast Turkey with Riesling Glaze.  No brainer here guys. German Riesling to pair with this. Look for a 2007 vintage if you can still find any, 2008 if not. Look for a good producer. JJ Prüm, Dr. Loosen, or Richter come to mind. 

A West Coast idea from Martha Stewart is Spice Rubbed Turkey . Aleppo Pepper and a glaze of Orange Juice and Butter will add a sweet note to the earthy spicy pepper. This is where Calfornia wine will shine. I'd go with a lush Central Coast Syrah here.  Nice ones are easy to find around $25!

Martha takes on an Italian inspiration with her Tuscan Roast Turkey Breast, with Pancetta, Rosemary and Fennel.  Of course, Chianti! Preferably a nice Reserva, from a good house, like Antinori, Banfi or Fontodi.

Enough, I'm getting hungry again.


Rob Moshein, Austin Wine Guy 

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