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May 19, 2010

I asked the guys over at East End Wines to give me a Bordeaux for no more than $15.  I wanted to make certain the price point was affordable for anyone's budget. A minute of discussion, and they both zoomed in on Chateau Larroque, 2006, just a plain Bordeaux aoc, nothing more.  With tax it was just $15 and change.

A lovely wine. Nice dark cherry tones on the nose. The palate was more clean dark cherry fruits and a hint of cocoa and tannin.  The acids were soft and pleasant.  The mouth feel was nice, not heavy or dense, nothing at all chewy.  It was a very clean, medium body drink.  After about an hour open, it had relaxed some and gained complexity of layers of flavor but stayed light and clean.   At 70% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, it probably came from the right bank.  I enjoyed it very much and it paired nicely with chicken braised in tomato sauce served with pasta.

I have to say, it was much better in quality than anything comparable I have had at $15 from Australia or Northern California in the last year.  I couldn't hope to find a bottle of red Burgundy at that price which will be even half as good.

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Rob Moshein, Austin Wine Guy

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