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When Praise is Once Ago Due, One Must be Fair.

November 09, 2012

So, Gentle Reader, the 2012 Austin Wine Guy "Moron of the Year Award" is hereby officially rescinded!

Yes, Yr Mst Hmbl & Obdt Svt must be fair and give well deserved credit where due. Central Market North Lamar as vastly improved their wine selections and the overall department is more than satisfactory, and beyond, to very very good. Praiseworthy indeed.

Yes, ten months ago, their department was an empty hollow shell of its former self.  However, with Wine Manager Seth Pollard now well, and happily, fully recovered from a most serious illness, he is now able to focus, and he has the dogged and aggressive, nay pit bull, determination and assistance of his more than capable co-worker Andy Christianson, I am pleased to report vigorous and substantial growth and improvement!

Selection and quality have returned.  Particular strength now on display in key places. Strong Bordeaux selections at reasonable prices and attention paid to good vintages.  Burgundy is now back, with fine producers: Maltroye Chassagne, Olivier Leflaive, Arnoux and one of my personal favorite Chablis, William Fevre.  Loire has nice presence, with Patient Cottat Sancerre and some very cool Borgueill Cab Francs. Great values from Languedoc and Rhone abound.

Champagne is no longer dominated by the big house mass market bottles. Wonderful names now once again grace the shelves: Henriot, Pierre Peters, Ruelle Pertois, Marc Hebrart, André Clouet.  Two very cool sparkling Cab Francs from the Loire lurk nearby as does a wide selection of Cava, Prosecco and domestic sparklers. Tete du Cuvée selections on hand for those of deep pocket.

Italy has nice offerings, including my favorite Brunello, Il Poggione, not to mention Paolo Scorvino, Fonterutoli, and the big dog trinity "Tiganello, Ornellaia, Solaia".  

Germany and Austria have a noble selection, including one of my favorites, Hopler.  Offbeat cool Euro varietals like Kerner, Sylvaner, Grüener Veltliner, Greco di Tufi can be found.

World class domestic producers are on display as well: Sean Thackery, Kuleto, Pahlmeyer,Leonetti, Staglin, Sea Smoke, and many others dot the large US selection. Texas and Sake are also well represented.

A large and well chosen abundance of under $20 options is well on display, offering good values at today's critical price point.

Yes, Gentle Reader, change for the good does happen, and when it does, I must be fair and give praise where due.  Well done Central Market. Well done indeed! (insert applause here)

If you need any more prompting to go and check them out again, may I point out that this week they have their annual fall Wine Sale: Buy 6 to 11 bottles for 15% off. 12 or more gets a 20% discount.  Great opportunity to stock up for the Holiday season.  

Bravo. Bravo Bravo.

Rob Moshein
Austin Wine Guy

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