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So some Wine Guys open a Wine Guy Wine Shop. East End Wines

May 05, 2010

Wine Guys can smell another wine guy, metaphorically speaking. Let's face it, you know a kindred spirit when you meet one. Austin rejoice! A couple of kindred Wine Guys have opened up a "Wine Guy's" Wine Shop. I have been watching with anticipation the last few months, as East End Wines has been evolving slowly from a caterpillar like run down old house into something that Yr Mst Hmbl & Obdt Svt here finds to be the Most Wine Guy Wine Shop in Austin. The old house has been transformed into a wine shop yes, but is still clearly a house. Warm, comfy and unpretentious are the best words, and yes they describe the house itself equally as well.

Young, energetic Matt Miller the Wine Guy Gen X is the wunderkind mastermind of the place. (Having worked at Central Market) "I wanted to get back to a more intimate setting where every wine counts; We (Sam Hoveland, Sommelier wunderkind Ex Headliners Club and Miller) want to create not only a neighborhood comfort zone for wine enthusiasts, but a destination place for "geeks" and "oenophiles" as well.  This store will be a place for fun, inspiration, and education.  Our primary goal at the moment is to make sure we have a well represented wine selection, with a focus on wineries, regions, and grapes that may be considered "off the beaten path."  That being said, the vibe of the store should breed an environment comfortable for novices and "experts" alike.  We have casual tastings every Wednesday and Friday, and plan on hosting larger tasting events in the future.  The historic home adds a comforting dynamic for our customers; we hope to use this environment to create something unique and engaging." Matt told me.

Well represented for sure kids. Having watched the selection process, I can assure you that Matt really means it when he tell customers that "all the love" is in the wines. Especially the non-US selection, Domestic is slowly being "loved on" to a greater extent. I just smile and grin perusing the shelves of EEW (Ok, so the acronym is an unfortunate accident. There is NOTHING eew about the place!). The selection is indeed done with love, care and thought. So many places these days just give in to the "easy". Letting Clos du Bois duke it out with Kendall Jackson. Not here, nossir, no way. Amazing Palate, well trained and all around Great Guy, my beloved friend Greg Randle was pressed (most willingly) into duty to act as consultant. There is a reason why each bottle is on the shelf, a good reason, nay a great reason. Just ask Matt or Sam, they will enthusiastically explain the reasons the wines are there. Put your faith and trust into the process peeps. Three Wine Guys all love the bottle, enough said.

Just listen to Matt: "There are no Matt's picks or Sam's picks, every wine in the shop is OUR pick!"  So, if I had to pick three fun highlights, here you go.  The 2007 Mustiguillo Mestizaje is primarily made from Bobal, an oddball variety primarily found around Valencia, Spain.  It is dark, rich, and spicy and a new adventure for those who prefer "bolder" wines.  I like to turn people on to Gruner Veltliner, and the 2008 Anton Bauer Gmork is a great example; clean and minerally, unlike the talking wolf from A Neverending Story of the same name.  And finally, for a nod to the amazing 2007 Rhone wines, I adore the Domaine de l'Espigouette Vacqueyras.  This wine is and explosion of raspberry, kirsch, spice and Herbes de Provence on the nose with rich blackberry jam and tar notes."

See what I mean?

The music is as young and fresh, yet classic as the selection. I'll be honest, this Wine Guy was already legally drinking wine while Matt was in diapers. I usually haven't heard of the songs playing much less WHO is playing them, but the eclectic mix ranging from vinyl to Blue Ray makes me smile. "The environment we want to create is upper class without the upper; a comfortable, casual "Austin" style where the focus is on having fun with wine and wine education while leaving the pretentiousness out of it." Matt said. They clearly have done that. In spades.

Prices are spot on. The value is there.

Rejoice Austin. Just head three blocks east of I35 on 11th street until you see the big old house. Pull in, settle back and have a blast. Oh yeah, buy some wine too.

East End Wines: Monday-Wednesday 10am-7pm, Thursday-Saturday 10am-8pm.
website in the works:
address is 1209 Rosewood Ave, Austin, Tx, 78702


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