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Scot For Top Chef!

August 15, 2008

OK, this is too cool not to share. My fishmonger/majorWAY talented Seafood Chef and most importantly, good bud Scot Loranc is up for Top Chef Season 6!  Scotty is the fish guy at Central Market here in Austin, Texas.  For "y'all" not familiar with Central Market, imagine the best fine quality food store you have ever been in, Balducci's in New York, Bristol Farms in LA, you get the picture. OK, now make it GROCERY STORE HUGE! Seriously, Scot's seafood counter is literally some fifty feet long! Everything from fresh tiny anchovies to a whole Opah!

I think Scot has a great shot at winning if he gets on. He can cook! He really knows his fish, and his food, not to mention his way around a kitchen.  He gets "it" when it comes to food. You know "it" -that hard to put into words innate ability to know what tasts just right . His ability to find the right balance of flavors, harmony of texture, and present it all in a super friendly, "user friendly" style with that signature huge grin on his face all the time makes him a no brainer for the Top Chef competition. Oh, yeah, in the immortal words words of Lucy "and its tasty too!"

Check out his website. Spread the word, Spread the love. Spread the news, generate a bit of buzz and let's get Scot onto Top Chef!

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