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July 12, 2011

The tweet from a foodie friend said "Duck Fat French Fries". That alone got my attention. How could it not!?! Hanks Garage is on San Jacinto, between Cesar Chavez (sorry but its still 1st Street to me...) and 2nd.  Whilst brand new, it has a deliberately shabby low key appearance and feel, which suits the place perfectly.

Everyone was really friendly, in a genuine, not forced manner.  The menu is a standout in both its simplicity and selection. Very Euro/Belgian pub food, which is a welcomed addition to Austin. (viz: NO MORE O'PEPPERS: jalapeno, habanero, etc). Real French Onion soup, charcuterie plates, Lobster Club sandwich (only $10!!), Rocking good fish n frites which was my lunch today: perfectly cooked, fresh moist cod, crunchy light crust and DUCK FAT FRIES!  I implore you Gentle Reader to spend the extra dollar fifty for the duck fat fries. Hands down the BEST french fries in Austin! Plus you get a choice of dipping sauces as well as ketchu/p/blog/catsup. Try the aiolie.  Moules Frites, Steak frites, Croque Monsiuer, and an intriguing sandwich called La Grasa- Grilled cheese with bacon and duck fat fries. I will ignore the cardiologist's orders at least once I promise to try this. Several Poutines on the menu for the Canadians!

Nothing over $20, and the menu and prices are the same for dinner, which will make this place very very very popular I'm certain. Better reason for popularity: in this gluten-free, micro green, vegan overly concious current food mind set, it is so wonderful to find a place that lets it's hair down and says, sit down have a beer (huge selection) or a glass of wine (almost all French, some Spanish and VERY well chosen and affordible!) and something tasty to eat. Screw the diet, forget the doctor and just have something GOOD! Trust me, for regular, albeit not daily, dining, Hank's Garage is a must go to. It's worth the trip downtown and the hassle of parking.

Rob Moshein
Austin Wine Guy

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