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October 02, 2012

The other day, my buddy Jake (isn't it cool just to have "a buddy Jake"?) invites Yr Mst Hmbl & Obdt Svt to "Riesling Fest v2.0".  Being intrigued, I, of course, said, "sure, what's the event?"  Jake answers "Nothing, I just have a bunch of Rieslings I feel like drinking, and I want to hang out Sunday and open them up. I'll need help drinking them all…"  Now you know why he's "my buddy Jake!"

When I arrived at the appointed hour, there were no less than 12, yes twelve, bottles on ice in the cooler.  Now you REALLY know why he's "my buddy Jake".

First up, Von Buhl 2009 Vintage Brut Traditional Method, Sparkling Riesling.  You don't see Sparkling Brut Riesling very often, Gentle Reader, but when you do, try some!  The acidity is crazy good. Like true French Ultra Brut.  But the clean, crisp structure just grabs you by the collar and says "See? Im good dammit!".  Good indeed. Was fabulous to just wake the palate and would pair nicely with food.  

Onward to Kabinett.

J. J. Prüm 2008 Graacher Himmelreich.  We all agreed "this is why we love Riesling".  Wonderful, crisp acidity and a pronounced Petrol flavor and oiliness that balanced the minerality perfectly. Just spot on and elegant with the complex layers in perfect harmony and balance.

J.J. Prüm 2009 Bernkastler Badstube. Totally different. Clean and lively, with green apple fruit, no trace of Petrol. Just a zesty, racy elegant wine showing stone and fresh acids. Yummy.

Parenthetical note.  There was a 2006 JJ Prüm Kabinett, but I didn't take notes because it was fading fast.  Don't hold yours any longer if you still have any in the cellar.

Willi Schaefer 2010 Graacher Domproder, Mosel. An interesting in-between, style. Rich, yet light, lush green fruit and crisp mineral and acids.  Really flashy in a good way and most compelling to go back for more.

Carl Loewen 2010 Klostergarten. Another bright, rich and lively Riesling. Zippy and fresh, but with the body and chops to bring it on to the party. Green apple fruits and solid minerality.  Another one that says "have more!" Which I did.

Things get a little fuzzy around now.  I have pictures in the phone of an Alfred Merkelbach 2010 Urziger Würzgarten, but, for some odd reason, no tasting notes.  I remember liking it, a lot…but, well, this wasn't a "spit n swirl" event…We were having in the kitchen, eating charcuterie and cheese, and Jake was slinging Beer Brats…You get the picture.

Sadly, I had to drive home, so I quit the wine before they opened the Auslese and Spåtlese…


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