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Dinner with Paul

September 27, 2008

So, had dinner last night with my best buddy Lawyer, wine snob, food fanatic Paul. Sushi and White burgundy. Perfect pairings, let me tell you. Dry Rieslings work well too, but we stuck with Burgs, since that's what he brought! Paul's wine is always blogworthy:

Round One:
Simon Bize, Savigny les Beaune Blanc 2006.
Yes, they make some blanc in Savigny. Boy do they make good blanc too. Right out of the bottle, rich texture, bright green fruit; fat, but not too much so, so wasn't flabby at all. Good sturdy acids, but very much says "drink me now or in a year or two at the latest". As it opened up, it got a bit more angular, the minerals got sharper and it developed a pleasant "edginess".
Since it is the start of the season, we were treated to Matsutake Mushroom "dobin mushi", the little tea pot of steaming dashi broth, with the rare treat of Matsutake and shrimp and fish steeped in it. BOY did the Savigny blanc just shine when paired with the clean forest aroma of the Matsutake, and it never overpowered the delicate taste of the broth. Yummo.
Oh, yeah,, best part is, wine this good retails for only $28!! Sweet!

Round Two:
Domaine Fevre Chablis Grand Cru "Les Preuses" 2005
Textbook Chablis, but then it is Fevre we're talking about. Really cool citrus toned acids, very crisp, with some limestone minerality. It burst into song with the bigeye tuna nigiri with fresh wasabi paste and shiso. As expected, the flavors rounded out with some breathing, and it held up beautifuly through all the nigiri and the sushi rolls, and was pleasant to linger over the last glass before dessert came.
Hey, its Domaine Fevre, they just keep getting better.

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