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Clash of the Titans brewing in Texas

April 13, 2011

"DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Centennial Fine Wine and Spirits announced that it has acquired substantially all of the assets of Majestic Liquor Stores, Inc. Majestic has 32 retail locations throughout Texas and also operates under the trade names “Fat Dog Beverages” in East Texas and “Doc’s Liquors” in West Texas.

“We are extremely excited about the tremendous opportunity to add the Majestic group of stores to our liquor store portfolio. They have great employees with outstanding product knowledge ready to provide superior service to the respective communities they operate in.”

Centennial is a liquor store retailer and local distributor headquartered in Dallas, Texas now with 67 stores and 5 warehouses in North Texas including the Majestic locations acquired."


So, Now there are Three major players left in the Texas liquor/wine market: Spec's, based in Houston, Twin Liquors based in Austin and now, Centennial in Dallas.  Each about the same size. One now wonders what will happen next. Spec's has made inroads in Austin, Majestic tried and failed utterly when they bought Grapevine Markets here.  Their failure was obvious from the start, they had no clue about selling in Austin, which is very different from Dallas. The wine community watched in horror at the slow train wreck in motion as Majestic strangled Grapevine to death and nobody was surprised, or disappointed, when they closed Grapevine.  We did mourn the passing the great store that Chuck Huffaker, Steve Savina and Greg Steiner built.

Things should get interesting!



Rob Moshein


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