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Celebrate all things Cab today! world wide #Cabernet day

September 02, 2010

Today is the celebration of all things Cabernet.  Just open a bottle of Cab, taste, and post it to Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #Cabernet. That easy.

 I will be over at East End Wines  this evening, 6pm -8pm, pouring two Cab centric Bordeaux wines from the Haut Medoc.  I'll post and review then, and come back to fill you in later.

Until then, Cheers and #Cabernet



Chateaux Greysac Medoc 2006: Tight at first, a bit overly acidic finish and light nose.  About an hour later, it developed a pleasant dried cherry and beefy tone.

Vieux Chateau Landon Medoc 2006: Lovely, classic Bordeaux tones of dark cherry and cedar box, good balanced acidity and a nice complex layer of flavors that never got heavy. Best with food, but then most BDX wines are...

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