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By George, I think he's Got It! Well done Mr. Asimov!

August 25, 2010

This morning, I opened my New York Times, and there on the front page of the Food section was  a huge headline, "The Soulful Side of Bordeaux"  by Eric Asimov.

 You can read the entire piece here

One quote sums it up nicely:

Yet for me, the importance of a place like Domaine du Jaugaret in St.-Julien cannot be overstated. In globalized, commercial Châteaux Bordeaux, a world of brand-name products sold like luxury goods, where too many wines seem polished and lustrous yet lacking in character, Jaugaret brims with soul. Its proprietor, Jean-François Fillastre, epitomizes the French vigneron, one who tends the vines and makes the wines. 

 Bravo Mr. Asimov. Bravo.  You have discovered the real Bordeaux.  Not the fancy over-priced realm of First Growth Chateaux and Futures Tranche pricing.  No, you finally get it about what makes Bordeaux unique and special.  The real people, doing the real,honest work.  Those who make wine not for Parker scores or to get Jim Laube's papal blessing, but for themselves and their friends.  For the love of doing it.  For the passion of doing it right and doing it well.  For the passion of what is in the glass and NOT what somebody in London or New York scores it.

These are the people of Bordeaux I met.  These are the people of Bordeaux that got my heart and my attention.  I can only add their names to the places you found.

 Stephane at Ch. Sainte Marie, the venerable Andre Lurton himself of Ch. Bonnet, Marie Christine Labouille at Ch. Haut-Guillebot, all in Entre Deux Mer; the entire Bonville family at Ch. Marac in Pujols; Henri Boyer at Ch. Fleur la Mothe in Pauillac; Sean Mathys-Meynard who single handedly works his tiny Ch. Baulos-Charmes in Cadaujac; Berengere Queilien and Maman et Papa Queillen at Ch. Lusseau in Graves...

There are hundreds of these people, doing this work.  It is good, honest work, and produces good honest wines. Thank you for giving these people a voice, a voice they so readily deserve.  Their work should be praised and discovered and appreciated.

THIS was the article you should have written originally.

My personal thanks.

Yr Mst Hmbl & Obdt Srvt

Rob Moshein

Austin Wine Guy

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