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AWG's Russian Christmas Party

January 06, 2009

Each year, we host a Russian Orthodox Christmas Open House, as close to January 7 as possible.  This year was Sunday January 4th.  The best party EVER!

Heck we even got press on the party! Woo HOO! Our heartfelt thanks to Michael Barnes, the Society editor of the local Austin American Statesman newspaper for being so gracious as to drop by for a while and even more kind to write about it! You can check it out on Michael's blog  here:

A few blogworthy wines appeared, out of the total of 28 dead soldiers now languishing in the recycle bin.  The blogworthy, in no particular order other than this is the order they got opened during the party:

Grignolino d'Asti, 2007, Cantine Marchese Rochetta.  So light it appears rose, but it isn't. Wonderful, clean, crisp and totally old school with a slight rustic edge that really makes this stand out. It went really well with the cold roast Goose with apples.

Domaine Daniel Rion, Clos Vougeot Grand Cru 2000  Out of my cellar, it showed wonderfully, though certainly has years of life left, so am glad there are three more! Typical masculine strength, yet still light on the palate and  earthy and elegant. A crowd pleaser.

Domaine Solitude, Chateauneuf du Papes, Reserve Secret, 2001 Yeah, it's THAT one. The perfect score, Wine Spectator #1 wine of the year.  So clean and pure, yet powerful and supple, it turned heads. Even the non wine guys who tried it (the few who were so blessed by the great friend who brought it and graciously shared it with anyone interested) all said "wow, what is THIS!" Yeah, even the crustiest wine guy in the group said WOW and final drops in glasses jealously guarded.

lastly Battle of the Millenial Napa Cabs:
My Groth Napa Cabernet 2000 and a guest's Frog's Leap Napa Cabernet 2000
Both showing well, with the expected cherry/cassis fruit and dusty soft tannins. I preferred the Groth, which was a bit more elegant and structured, but others liked the Frog's Leap which showed a flashier fruit and more oaky tannins.  They both still have some years left on them, but I was still glad I opened the last of the Groth when I did.

Cheers and great drinking in 2009 to you all.

Rob Moshein

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