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October 14, 2009

Wow, way too cool this. A couple of weeks back, I get a phone call out of the blue.  A guy working with the Bordeaux Wine Council (yeah, THEM!) wanted to know if I would be interested in helping them with a Holiday season National ad campaign.  Gee, the Bordeaux folks, a NATIONAL campaign?? Hmmm, well??

 Heck yah, yr mst hmble & obdt srvt here was MOST interested.  They really want to "re-introduce" the US to under $25 Bordeaux.  Makes sense actually, as these days, if one is looking for a California Cab or Merlot under $25, there are a LOT of good Bordeaux choices these days as well.  Back in my young 'un days, most people only drank Bordeaux wines, nobody took California products seriously.  Heck, I remember being in London in 1983 and trying to tell some UK wine shop proprietors that Napa Valley was making some really good wines.  They laughed at me. Well, a quarter century later, that tide has well turned.  It made sense to advocate for Bordeaux as a "contendor" in the catagory

Check this out. They are putting up a "micro-site" as part of, where people will get information about under $25 Bordeaux wines. They are also putting up an interactive, real time chat section, for November and December, either via IM or Video, where folks can log in at scheduled times, see who is in their region, and ask questions about the wines, and food pairings, and just chat about the Bordeaux under $25.  They can "ask the Expert" so to speak. The program is called "Le Wine Buff", sommellier seemed to "pretentious". Bordeaux goes "viral".  Plus, the media folks will of course be doing some serious advertising across the US to put out the word. cool. 

 Now the most cool part, they have asked only a VERY few sommelliers across the country to take part and participate in the real time chats, less than ten people.  They asked, MOI!  The only one in Texas on the panel.

 I am honored, humbled and beyond proud that the good Bordeaux Wine Council folks and their media team have read my blogs, and liked my work enough to even consider me, much less invite me to the team. 

 I am really looking forward working with the team, and to November and December and interacting with all the folks online.

Mille fois merçi! 

 I'll keep all y'all posted.


Rob Moshein


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