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Another Birthday, another year...

October 25, 2010

Not as huge a blow out as the big one last year.  But then, I wanted quiet and nice.

I insisted on Carillon Restaurant for dinner, Saturday night. My favorite place in town, for the combination of Iron Chef level food and creativity, deliciously executed by Chef Josh Watkins and crew, with the very best service in Austin bar none. Now with a VERY Wine Guy Som too! Again, all proved worthy of my praise the food rocked. Plain and simple. Not stupid expensive either, even by Austin standards. Stupid CHEAP by LA or NYC standards. I even managed to drag the Oenophobe out of the house and he enjoyed it too!

Stopped by Austin Wine Merchant to grab something to bring to dinner. Wound up with "Freddie" Mugnier Nuit St. Georges 1er Cru 2007 "Clos des Fourches". Now Paul the Wine Curmudgeon warned me "You'll be disappointed."  (well, I had to run that risk since you didn't ANSWER your cell phone when I called from the store). I had it decanted immediately on arrival.

I can see why Paul would be disappointed, but frankly I wasn't.  It was not a huge, landmark Burg.  The nose was good, typical cherry, floral, hint of earth. A lighter, more elegant style, solid structure, but not heavy. After about 45 minutes, just as the lamb arrived, it was beginning to show a nice earthy tone. It was good. It was only $40, so I was satisfied.

Actual Sunday Birth Day, I had Scottish Smoked Salmon and Broiled Lobster tails, with Ruelle-Pertois Blancs de Blancs 1er Cru Champagne. A lovely lovely wine. Clean, crisp, but with a nice firm body, delicate acids and just a pretty flavor. A clear winner for $50, when the factory produced swill Champagne costs $40.

So, Gentle Readers. Yr Mst Hmble & Obdt Svt here is indeed another year older, wiser? perhaps. The last year, well was turbulent. I'm looking forward to better things, new opportunities, old friends, new friends and lots more great wine in the next 12 months.


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