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January 08, 2010

So, just before Christmas I rented Julie and Julia on blueray. Great movie by the way, Meryl should earn Best Actress.  Left me with this interesting thought: Why not have Austin Wine Guy taste and review a different wine EVERY DAY? Well hell, why not?

I did start on New Years, but the tech guys at Pallasart Web Design (the folks responsible for creating this beautiful website and blog for me. Shout outs to Bob, Walt and Cristian for their great and hard work!!) took a few days to build the Calendar Blog pages for me.

I filled in the first six days from notes and started on the 7th live daily. I pledge to taste and post a wine EVERY DAY possible for 2010. I'd love your comments and feedback. Hope you enjoy this as much as I will.

It's a link at the top of the page, or you can go here .  (  The current day entry will be there, and you can click on the calendar link to see the previous blogs.  If I haven't published that day yet, you will see the calendar instead.



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