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Wow, something I've never had before, inexpensive and good!

January 20, 2010

So, dropped by Central Market looking for something interesting for tonight.  Chatted with McGovern, my good bud, who suggested something "way outside the box". Falernia Pedro Ximenez, from Chile no less! Whoa....I've had Pedro X as Sherry of course. Never before as table wine. Oh, wait, I had one from here in Texas that was awful. I trust Mike McGovern's palate, we are both old school 20th Century palates, he knows his stuff. Told him I intended a stir fry with chicken, he was a bit hesitant. I insisted.

The nose is way interesting. Think thyme, lime leaves NOT the fruit  but crush the leaf, and meyer lemon zest. The palate has the same tones, but a distinct ginger tone and a slightly weird (in a good way) stony copper penny stem thing going on. It went spot on right perfect with my garlic ginger chicken stir fry with snow peas, scallions and bok choy.  All those flavors were reflected in the wine. Beauty part is $11 a bottle. Easy to have on a Wednesday night with stir fry.

It needs food. It's a little weird on its own, but wow with food it sings. Just what yr mst hmbl & obdt Srvt here needed after a 225 mile round trip schlep to College Station Texas today. 

OK, so am starting to run thin on the obvious local choices, so if anyone reading has a wine they want to suggest for me, PLEASE let me know. I'll try it and report here, I'll be honest, fair, but honest.


Rob Moshein, Austin Wine Guy


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