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With Spring comes the Roses and the Roses...and Rosados

March 22, 2010

At the Wine Merchant. Asked John for an idea of something "blogworthy". He smiled and said "oh yeeeessss".....and went straight to the Ocho Garnacha Rosado 2009! Yes gentle reader, the new batch of 09 Rose wines have arrived! This was also onlly $10, inexpensive as rose should be!

A fine bright berry pink color, with a bright oh so fresh grape aroma. Nice and round on the palate, with more bright fresh red grape fruits and lively fresh acids.  Ahhhh spring is here! My roses are starting to bloom, the Rose wines are arriving. A fine summer awaits of cold pink dry wines on long summer evenings, while enjoying the flowers in the garden.

Served this with chicken marinated in lime, lemon, fresh thyme and garlic and simply went well. One of those wines where you're sorry the bottle is empty!


Rob Moshein, Austin Wine Guy.

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