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Why I'm liking 07 Burgundy for the values

February 11, 2010

A nose of dark red fruits, pepper and a slightly earthy tar thing. The palate is medium bodied. Dark red fruits, clean smoke and an interesting earthy tarriness again. Nicel elegant acids give it backbone and structure. A bit tight, it is only an 07. Clearly has the hallmarks of a great vintage, but not so wound up it can't be enjoyed now.

Two or three more years and this one will be a winner. At $25 plus or minus retail, this wine is a great cellar candidate. As my buddy Paul the wine snob says, lesser wines of great vintages are a great value. I concur heartily. Look of these types of wines, lesser appellations of good producers from 2007 and you can afford to drink great Burgundy at a reasonable price.

Drink this Wine!


Rob Moshein, Austin Wine Guy

*ethical disclosure: I sell this wine to the Austin market*

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