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Why Bordeaux is a good alternative to California

February 15, 2010

Another thing I grabbed at the Austin Wine Merchant the other day. I always will grab a $12 Bordeaux when I see a new one. This one had the appeal of the 2005 vintage and Haut-Medoc appellation: Ch. Larrivaux, Vicomtesse de Carheil, Haut Medoc 2005.

OK, its a good wine. Great, not really but hell it only costs $12. To be honest I like it more than anything at the price I have had from California, Cab or Merlot wise, with only a one handful of exceptions.

The nose is classic Bordeaux. Red Cherry, clean earth and light smoke and a whiff of shoe polish in a good way. The palate is balanced and light to medium. More red cherry, smoke and earth, Light cocoa tannins, and a slight vanilla and white pepper tone on the finish. A bit of copper acids, that help it stand up to food. Over all, a nice wine, medium body, classic Bordeaux style, not hugely stylish or sophisiticated, but a lot of finesse and quality at the price. 

As they say "Whaddaya want for twelve bucks???" This wine delivers good value for the reasonable price of admission. 

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Rob Moshein, Austin Wine Guy

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