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Wednesday night. A Porrterhouse, on sale, and wine to match

January 13, 2010

So, Yr Mst Hmble & Obdt Srvt stopped in at The Austin Wine Merchant this morning and was chatting with John about my a wine a day challenge and asked for his suggestions.  Tonight is the first one he went to, without hesitating. Domaine Andre Brunel Cotes du Rhone 2007.  Now, John who IS the Austin Wine Merchant has one of the most meticulous palates in town.  I meant that in a really really good way. John knows what good wine tastes like.  I took his first two suggestions without hesitation.

 This one shows why John knows his stuff. $12. Great price. A soft gentle spicy nose, lightly floral and a peppery tone.  The palate is elegant and refined.  This wine is 85% Grenache, yet does not show the typical over ripe New World tones I find usually in CdR at this price.  The palate is dark fruits, black pepper, and spicy acids.  The grocery store had Porterhouses on sale for $4 a lb.  Caesar salad and the steak grilled. Paired nicely with this one.

 Another addition to the "I would buy this wine again" file. Although with 352 more wines to taste this year, that might be a while.  Another piece of proof why I trust John's palate.

Sad that only three or four of you are reading this so far on a regular basis. But, thanks to you guys who are. I'd still do this challenge even if nobody was out there.


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