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Wednesday. Cold rain. A $12 warm red to cut the chill

February 03, 2010

Long day, running late...Got a call late in the day from my sister - Mom was taken to the hospital.  I just had to grab something easy. Saw this one on the shelf at the local grocery,  $12, Agnonesi Toscana IGT Rosso 2007. Roast chicken and salad for dinner. This one was just fine.

Closed nose, light tones of ripe red fruit and a slightly minty sweet thing. Lush ripe palate, light acids. A bit of a "lightweight" for me, but very much what the John Q. Public wants. Cab, Merlot and 40% Prugnolo Gentile. This one is a lush easy crowd friendly drink. No complaints. Not the most "exciting" drink of late, but it has no faults.

 If you want something easy and unchallenging the end of a long day, this fits the bill, so Drink This Wine.

Mom being kept overnight for "observation", she sounded tired and a little "out of it" when I got to talk to her. Keep you posted.


Rob Moshein, Austin Wine Guy

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