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Sangiovese you can love at only $13!

March 08, 2010

Sought another "cool and groovy" affordible wine from John at the Austin Wine Merchant. He went striaght to Brusco Dei Barbi Toscana 2006, at only $13. Sangiovese, but they take the must and lees and let them ferment for two months under Carbon Dioxide to extract a lovely rich characteristic that remains light.

The nose was beautiful. Dark nearly black raspberry tones, with an earthy richness and hints of lillies and rose.  The palate was lush but not dense at all. More dark raspberry fruits, overlayed with that same clean earthiness, white pepper and nutmeg spice, fine clean acids and an overall elegance that was impressive at this price.

It paired wonderfullly with my home made Meatball sandwiches! Would sing with a rich Ragout of meats, pizza, lasagna or pasta with meat sauce. 

Again, it's great to find another affordible everyday wine of exceptional quality.

Thanks John!

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Rob Moshein, Austin Wine Guy

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