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January 19, 2010

 Typical Tuesday. Grill a steak on sale at the HEB, how do you resist a prime Porterhouse at 4.49/lb?  Asked  a local liquor store for their suggestion.  The guy there was rather hot on the Tormaresca Neprica Puglia 2008. He was adamant it needed an hour open first. He was right.

 First taste was not great. Thin, weedy and green, stemmy, with acids so screeching they seemed to be secondary fermentation.  An hour later, it had settled down. Still had an over ripe nose, stewed fruit. Yet the palate showed some decent fruit, the negroamaro  and primitivo were typical. Earthy, rustic and green. Not offensive, but a pervasive moldy leaf taste still shows an hour later. Very green and stemmy tasting even still underlying earthy figgy fruit on the palate. It went fine with steak, not blown away. Well, all said, it was $11. Not a rip off, not a screaming bargain.  Worth a try.


Rob Moshein

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