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Perfect cheap pairing with home made Fried Chicken

January 18, 2010

My friend AB who is a food writer got me thinking about home made fried chicken, there being not much aside from fast food chicken here in Austin. So I decided to make a batch tonight. Chose the Mulderbosch Rose of Caberne 2009.  At $10 its a GREAT pairing with Fried chicken, grilled chicken, Chicken salad, or not so spicy Asian.

 Light nose, tones of cherry, black fruit. A clean crisp palate of black cherry, blackberry, red grape, but no sugar. Just clean, crisp flavor and acids. A heck of a lot of wine for $10. Better than almost anything domestic at this price. Fear not the South African origins. They do great work and this is one of them


Rob Moshein

Austin Wine Guy

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