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Ok, not wine per se, but Brandy, and good stuff to boot

January 03, 2010

The best thing to walk in the door for our annual Russian Christmas Open House party! I love Cognacs, and love Germain Robain, which since made in California is classed as "Fine Alambic Brandy". Their XO is as good as or better than the French XO level, and at a tenth the price.  Smooth for days, rich, warm and never harsh, but wonderfully warm.  The nose entices with a rich spice tone, the palate delivers chocolate, tobacco, more spice and a long lingering finish.  Unlike the French, G-R uses only premium quality wines for the base, the XO is 80% Pinot Noir. Yr mst hmble & obdt srvt was beyond grateful to the guest who brought a bottle to share! Another fine start to 2010.



Rob Moshein


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