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Ok, I didn't drink wine today. I drank Scotch, but WOW what scotch...

January 16, 2010

OK, first off yr mst hmbl & Obdt Srvt here has to come clean on two things. One, I sort of already "blew" the wine a day challenge.  I ended up not drinking or tasting any wine all day Saturday the 16th. 

 Second, I'm actually writing this entry Sunday the 17th. Now, I could have left that part out and nobody would know except me, but I want you gentle reader to know I am always honest here.

Now the reason for 1 and 2 are that my good bud and amazing palate Greg Randle of the Good Taste Report hosted his 7th Annual Good Taste Report Single Malt Tasting last night.  I figured I'd stop by for an hour or two, sip a couple of Single Malts and be back in plenty of time to open a wine and blog it.  Well, I go there and there were FIFTY (I'm dead serious 50) different single malts, and nary a Glenlivet, Glenfiddich, Glenmorangie in sight. Holy crap.  I swear I tried to stick to the half ounce pour and drank plenty of water, but well, see I tried at least fifteen or twenty of the whiskys. So, that added up to a lot of ounces of alcohol.  I was trashed drunk by the time my ride came to pick me up and take me home some four hours after I got there. My palate was trashed too and frankly the thought of wine almost made me hurl.

So, there you have the confession part. Now the cool and groovy part, my fav's from the line up:

Cadenhead's Ben Nevis West Highland 1986:  A near perfect whisky for my palate. Elegant, warm, rich and spicy, but light on the peat and smoke. Long smooth finish.

Murray McDavid Rosebank 1989 Elegant, but light, very floral tones. A "pretty" whisky. Not everyone else's fav, but I liked it.

Murray McDavid Springbank 1965. Another elegant yet bold one. Rich malty and peaty tones, well balanced but showing some signs of its age. Still pretty cool.

Caol Ila 10 year old "Unpeated Style" Without doubt the most interesting whisky of the night. Huge floral nose with distinct lime/meyer lemon on the nose. Citrus palate, with a light elegant style.  Think the most elegant and smooth Irish whisky you could have and you'll get the idea.

Springbank Campbellton 10 year 100 proof.  Ok, this one I remember liking a lot, which is why I took a label pic on the iPhone, but, well I can't remember the flavor profile, it was getting late. Sorry.

Bowmore "Pomerol Cask" Not my fav. necessarily but veeeerry inteerrrresting. Aged in used Bordeaux barrels from Pomerol.  It had the most distinct aroma and flavor of fresh plums! Think Whisky meets Slivovitsz and you get the picture.


Rob Moshein Austin Wine Guy. 

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