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February 21, 2010

Another effort from DFV, Delicato.  A cocoa nose, with light scented black fruit. $12 bucks again. Medium bodied palate, Very cocoa, slight wood that overwhelms the dark black fruits. Decent crisp acids and a tarry finish with a hint of eucolyptus and dried currants. A decent effort. Again, i'm sensing a theme with the DFV wines, all very work a day, Joe sixpack solid for the price. I was less crazy about the wine until I had it with dinner, Porterhouse on the grill with french fries and salad. It works much better with food than without.

Not a home run out of the park, but a solid double to the outfield.  For the money, and with food it works.

Drink This Wine.

Rob Moshein, Ausitn Wine Guy 

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