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Luc Pirlet Pinot Noir Reserve 2008

March 23, 2010

Ok, I cooked with this back in LA, used it to braise lamb shanks. It was only 8.99.  Didn't really taste it beyond a quick sip to make certain it wasn't disgusting. It wasn't.

Back home, I saw it again for sale, same price at the HEB. Pays d'Oc Pinot Noir can be tricky. This one was pretty decent for not much money. Nice cherry tones, decent acids. Darkish fruits, clean palate, a little tannic.  Not much character or structure but hey, whaddya expect for $8.99? A decent weeknight drink when you crave Pinot's lightness, and don't want to pop the $25 plus for decent Burgundy or California. 

If you are willing to overlook the simplicity and save a bunch of money, Drink This Wine!


Rob Moshein

Austin Wine Guy

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