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March 19, 2010

At the HEB, chatting with Steve the wine guru there, totally unable to find something new and different to drink with my dinner of Beef Stroganoff.  No ordinary bland light Stroganoff like most people are used to. I make my according to the 19th century Russian recipe with lots of onions in a long simmered brown sauce with mustard...Steve suggested the Bleasdale Langhorne Crossing 2006 Bordeaux Style blend from Langhorne Creek. $8.49 instead of $12...I love a deal. Bordeaux blend, how bad can it be??

A huge disappointment given the expectations the label created. An innocuous nose, bright fleshy fruit. A very "one note" palate of more over ripe, fleshy fruits, little character and soft acids. Insipid, but not offensive really. I guess it would ok for large parties where the guests don't care about the wine.

Only drink this wine if nothing better is around...


Rob Moshein, Austin Wine Guy

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