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I love Alsace wines, especially at $12

January 28, 2010

Halibut on sale, $8 a lb. Can't resist that. Decided on a quick sear on both sides then into the oven to roast with fresh asparagus, onion, garlic, heirloom tomato, lemon juice and drizzle of lemon jice and evoo on top.

Thought Alsace might pair. This one did and in spades.  Lemon/lime and thyme on the nose with a green fruit tone.  Palate was nicely viscous, with slate, minerals,  salt, thyme and typical Alsace flavors of green pear, meyer lemon, lime, clove, spice and crisp acids.  I must admit this is the first wine I have found in years that pairs with Asparagus in flavor!

Twelve bucks for Alsace these days is a blessing. Am enjoying this wine, and loved the pairing. 

Drink this wine!


Rob Moshein, Austin Wine Guy

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