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February 12, 2010

A bad day. Deliveries that I had to make, others not gotten to but not my fault. Cold, long. I'm grumpy. I just want something easy, comforting and nice.

Local grocery had Canadian lobster tails on sale for $4 each. I splurged on two and decided to broil. French fries and a steamed artichoke to round out.

Decided on the Girard Sauvignon Blanc, Napa Valley 2008, normally $20, but I found some, somewhere I refuse to name, at a much lower price. Let's just say I was inthe right place, right time and the knowledge to spot a retailer who didn't change their retail.

Kefir lime and Meyer lemon on the nose. A nice medium body round crisp palate, with flavors of more lemon, lime, thyme and white pepper. A round, slightly apricot flavor on the finish. Honestly, few Sauv. Bl are worth $20, but this one really is.  I feel much better now. Artichioke, broiled lobster and can one not feel better!

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