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Grocery store wine, that's, well Grocery Store wine. $10. Not bad, not great

March 03, 2010

Some of these blogs just have to be about stuff anyone out there will find easily at the local mega food mart. So I grabbed the Simi, Sauvignon Blanc, Sonoma County 2008, heck only $10.

The nose is a bit too warm for me for Sauv Blanc. Thick green summer lawn grass under the warm thing and a hint of red grapefruit. A whiff of floral, that is overwhelmed by some sulphur. The palate, again too warm for my taste in Sauv Bl, but not offensive. A thickness on the front, with oak, white pepper and more dense grass. The up front acids are flabby. A grapefruit thing on the mid. The finish acids are huge. A tad out of whack. But, not horribly so.

It tasted better with stuffed chicken breasts (shout OUT to Antonelli's for the amazing salami and fontina and domestic Parmesan style cheeses that I stuffed into the chicken. John you ROCK sir!).  

Is it great? Nah? Bad?? no. Its OK. Just what one might expect from grocery store wine for $10.

Drink this wine if nothing better is available.


Rob Moshein, Austin Wine Guy

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