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Don''t think about the Chambertin. Don't Think about The Chambertin.

March 16, 2010

Asked John at the Wine Merchant for another wine for the blod. He was very keen on the Domaine Faively Mercurey 2007. $19.99. Why the heck not?

(dont think about the Chambertin. Dont THINK about the Chambertin....)

A light warm nose, slightly tarry, slightly earthy, light red black fruit.  A light palate, needed a half hour open to become something. Light round flavors, reddish dark fruits, a light earthiness, white pepper. A nice drink for the money

(dont THINK about the Chambertin. DONT THINK ABOUT THE CHAMBERTIN)

A slight coppery finish, but clean and pleasant. A nice Burgundy for the buck.

(dont THINK about the Chambertin)

Drink This Wine!


Rob Moshein, Austin Wine Guy

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