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Don't Fear the Cal-Ital! really....

March 09, 2010

So, California can grow italian varietals, Serious. Now, they will not be the genuine article, but many can be found at a competitive price. Take for example the Monte Volpe Pinot Grigio, Mendocino 2007.

Lush medium nose of green apple and pear, clean a pretty but not heavy. The palate is round, with more green apple, pear and green grape flavors. A bit fleshy and fresh fruit, as to be expected from California. A nice slight thyme tone as well. The acids are mild and soft. A tad too muc so for me, but this is for the mass market, and a mass market hit it should be.

Now the price. $12.49 at the local HEB, probably 12.99-13.99 most places. VERY worth the price, most especially if you are one of those folks who think ALL pinot grigio should be Santa Margherita. Trust me, 2 bottles of this are a far better buy than one of them....

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Rob Moshein, Austin Wine Guy

(ethical disclosure: I sell this wine to the Austin Market) 

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