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Damn fine Alsace Wine for only $12!

March 05, 2010

Been  eyeing this wine for  while at Central Market. Willm Pinot Blanc Reserve 2008, $12.  Finally found the chance to try it. A LONG day, mostly schlepping wine cases (I literally handled and carried about 150 cases today, at 44 lbs each). Was dog tired, wanted a non challenging dinner. Decided to simple roast  chicken, the ultimate comfort food, rubbed with lemon juice, evoo, salt and pepper, the lemon rind, shallots and garlic inside the bird. Saffron rice and wild mushroom gravy.

Now, my good bud Andy at CM let me taste the 2005 Trimbach Reserve Pinot Blanc, which was open for customers. Twice the price. To be honest, the Trimbach was the more structured and analytically serious and interesting wine, but the Willm was the more tasty, fun and easy to drink. Easily the better bang for the buck.

The Willm nose is crisp fresh tart green apple, a hint of "petrol" which I find a good thing, hint of grapefruit. Most clean and pleasant. The palate does not disappoint either. More clean crisp tart green apple and green grape, a lovely slight viscosity equally oily and "petrol" and crisp fresh acids that cut through everything nicely. A touch of grapefruit on the finish is a clean, long pleasant experience. 

This is a most lovely wine for the dollar.

Seek out and DRINK THIS WINE!


Rob Moshein, Austin Wine Guy


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