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Cool and Rainy. Short ribs braised in Guinness

January 14, 2010

John at The Austin Wine Merchant's second recommendation.  I LOVE Provence wines and thought the short ribs would pair well, plus John gave me fresh Chervil and Tarragon from the AWM garden which went into the pot.

Beautiful dark fruit, brambly and earth on the nose. Typical Provencal kitchen sink blend: Grenache, Syrah, Carignan, Cinsault, Mourvedre and Cabernet Sauv. The palate is supple and elegant, but shows some of the characteristic rustic thing that I love about Provence. Touch of tar and truffle, very very elegant throughout, however.  I can see why John is so fond of this wine.  For $11 I totally concur! The finish lingers, with fline flavors of anise and earth still on the tongue a full minute later. PERFECT with the short ribs. 

 There is a reason why they call it comfort food, and this pairing is that.  Nice on a cool rainy evening, after having to approve the final design for Dad's gravestone today, and tomorrow going to be a hellish one of helping deliver wine to grocery stores in the downpour.  Ah well, yesterday is gone, tomorrow not yet here,  so just relax and enjoy the wine and the meal. 

Cheers from yr mst hmble & obdt srvt

Rob Moshein

Austin Wine Guy

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