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Cheap and easy is a good thing with with wine, if not a date....

February 04, 2010

Another long busy wet rainy day. Mom still in hospital for testing. I needed something cheap and easy to go with quick seared steak sandwich for dinner. Saw the Tilia Malbec 2008 on a floor stack with a "Steve's pick" label at my local food mega mart the HEB at Hancock Center.  The "Steve" of the picks is  friend who is the king of under $10.  This one was $8.99. Can't go wrong.

Rich red fruit nose, a slight leafy tone to the nose as well. A viscous mid weight palate with more "new world" flavor of the Malbec. Red bright fruit, more of the leafy green flavors tinged with dark spicy finish and the merest whiff of smoke.  It lacks the smoky meatiness of "serious" Mendoza Argentine Malbecs, but heck the price forgives a lot. 

Look, when you're tired, like I am, and you find a piece of Prime Top Sirloin marked at $4.49/lb, and you pan sear it in butter, black outside and rare inside, slice it thin, put it into a fresh baked hoagie roll and toss some romaine in evoo and homemade vinegar for salad, this is a perfect fit. It isn't challenging, but I don't feel like being challenged.   I feel like a cheap and easy date, no challenge, no work, just light, engaging and fun. This wine is that.

Drink this wine.


Rob Moshein, Austin Wine Guy 

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