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Antonelli's scores again! $10 great wine, and great cheese!

February 26, 2010

Back to Antonelli's for another sniff around for amazing cheese and some wines I've never seen. Found some new really cool cheeses, as expected, including an amazing Reggiano from Autumn milk that is just, well, perfect. Rich, not heavy, Creamy but hard, not over salty, but with a few of those cool crunch crystals...oh so perfect.

Oh wait, this is about wine again.

for a mere $10, I found  Rudini Pachino, Grecanico Bianco, Sicilia IGT 2007. I love Sicilian wines. Always so earthy, pure and un-affected. Clean nose of Meyer Lemon, and white pepper.  A very clean, light palate, again crisp with light citrus tones, kefir lime leaf and meyer lemon. An interesting tone of fresh pine needles as well, just a whiff for an interesting flavor. Served this with fresh Dover Sole, pan sauteed in butter and finished with more butter, white wine and capers, and plain boiled new red potato and more butter. Went great!  Been sipping on the last half bottle whilst nibbling that perfect Reggiano. A lovely evening. 

Still feeling flu-ish, so yr mst hmble and obdt srvt "and so to bed" early.

Drink this wine! Eat Antonelli's Cheese!


Rob Moshein, Austin Wine Guy


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