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An amazing place, the wine was good...Antonelli's Cheese Shop

February 18, 2010

So, my friend Addie B. from the local paper was very hot about this new cheese shop, just blocks from my house. Antonelli's,  4220 Duval St. 78751. As usual AB was on target! Kendall and John Antonelli are really NICE, passionate people, cool and just well, I like 'em. The cheeses are so well chosen, each one a jewel. I bought two, Quadrello di Buffala, an exceptional Buffalo milk cheese, with the consistancy of a semi firm like Havarti, but with such amazing rich flavors but not heavy. The other was the singularly BEST most AMAZING artisanal (!) Roquefort  from Carles..Creamy creamy, balanced not over "blued" wow....OK RIGHT, this is about the wine.

I saw something on the shelf I had not had before. Ch. du Bloy, Montravel, Bergerac 2007.  Montravel is a sub region of Bergerac. The wine is Sauvignon, Semillon and Muscadelle.  The blend speaks of Bordeaux blanc, but the flavors are so different. The nose is copper, and slightly green, in a pleasant way, with a hint of green apple and pear. The palate is slightly oily, with more copper and minerality, rich green fruits and a touch of fresh thyme. I like it well enough. It is worth the price, but, well, I'm not blown away. I so wanted to LOVE this wine. I don't. I would buy it again, but not often. A bit light to stand up to the fine, complexity of the cheeses they sell. The acidity is lacking, the wine is a bit "simple". 

BUY THEIR CHEESE AUSTIN! and Drink this wine!


Rob Moshein, Austin Wine Guy.

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