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Ahhh, the Loire, the Loire....

March 21, 2010

Years ago, living in Paris, I became a fan of "Plateau de fruits de Mer" and Loire wines as great comfort food.  Central Market was having a sale on shellfish, so it seemed a good idea. Cold dungeness crab, bluepoint oysters, shrimp, cocktail sauce, a light salad of my homegrown romaine with lemon dressing and a baguette was the meal.

I wanted good Sancerre, but, well, $15 was my budget for the day. Saw the newest vintage of Pichot Vouvray had arrived. Andy said it was nicely dry and was adamant I'd like it...He was right.

A lovely peachy, meyer lemon nose, clean and fresh like good Vouvray should be. The palate was lovely, more peachy citrus tones, lively bright acids and just the merest hint of residual sugar, that disappeared with the meal and served only to enhance the natural sweetness of the shellfish. A pleasure to drink and to savor. A homerun with the seafood dinner.

A decent value at $15. 

Drink this Wine!


Rob Moshein, Austin Wine Guy

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