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A nice choice for a quiet Monday. only $11

January 25, 2010

Quiet Monday. Business slow. Weather lovely. Stopped in to see my bud Steve at HEB Hancock Center after his 2 weeks vacation.  They had top sirloin steaks on sale for $3.49/lb so thought my home made Beef Stroganoff would be good. It was disappointing "happiness" that I had the time this afternoon to make it.  Y'all need to drink more wine.

An old staple, but worth reporting.  Dark rich fruit and an earthy tar note on the nose. The palate is very tarry and light earth, but all in a good way. Dark anise tone with a cocoa, clean acid finish. Perfect to cut through the Stroganoff's dark brown sauce. The beefy tones of the wine pair nicely with the beef. Good body and structure. Another great weekday wine at a reasonable price!

Drink this wine!


Rob Moshein, Ausitn Wine Guy

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