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A $9 winner everyone can find

January 29, 2010

My bud Steve at the local HEB, who is King of the kille wines under $10, put one of my old time favorites on sale. I was planning on making tostadas so I didn't want anything fancy but it needed body. Concannon Petite Syrah 2006, Central Coast was on sale for $8.99. Grabbed a bottle.

Now the Concannon Petite is an old friend. Last year, in LA while Dad was in the hospital for almost a month with his final illness this was my "daily drinker".  The closest grocery store to the house had a limited selection, and I grabbed this often.

Clean berry nose, light spice. A nice mediium body and "meaty" structure make this an easy pairing with almost anything that wants red. A nice dark berry palate, with a nice salty mineral note and crisp acids cut thru the food. The finish is long and pleasant, with a slight tarry, blackberry pie flavor.

Nice comfort food and comfort wine on a chilly, near freezing evening. Glad there is a half bottle left while I watch the new season of "Kitchen Nighmares".

Drink this wine!


Rob Moshein, Austin Wine Guy

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